Don’t believe us, believe our clients.

It’s easy for a company to scream from the rooftops that they are the best, but we prefer to let a small selection of our clients do the talking for us. We have worked with some of the best athletes and teams on the planet and delivered outstanding results time and time again.

Team GB Olympics
Jaguar Academy of Sport
The Football Association
British Gymnastics
England Rugby

“helped me get fit to play rugby to a world class standard for England”

Dave Wilson – England and Bath Rugby

Performance Coaching

ZERO226 have developed hundreds of ‘athletic blueprints’ that have delivered game changing performances for our athletes and teams.

LYN GUNSON“With humour, skill, knowledge and innovation Nick Grantham revolutionised the attitudes of national netballers to strength and conditioning. He also contributed to the establishment of a major culture change at the elite level of the game.”

ROBBIE ELLIOT“Throughout my football career I had my share of injuries, ACL, triple leg break, major hamstring tear, a ruptured disc, two hernias and a couple of medial knee injuries to name a few, so when I first came up with the idea of a 3500 mile charity bike ride in 25 days there was only one person I trusted to get me physically and mentally prepared.”

MURRAY TRESEDER“Nick Grantham has made a significant impact on the Great Britain Wheelchair basketball program through his expertise in the 6 years he was with the program. His attention to detail and professionalism is outstanding.”

England v Ireland - RBS Six Nations“I worked with Nick and he helped me get fit to play rugby to a world class standard for England. Nick is excellent at adapting things for indviudals, the professionalism this guy has and the amount of respect you have for him makes you want to work harder.”


Craig Heap – Olympian and Double Commonwealth Gold Medallist

Performance Reconditioning

Working closely with medical support teams we’ve returned athletes with career threatening injuries back to full fitness and competition.

SARAH MCKAY“Nick Grantham has been one of the most influential coaches of my playing career. After 7 knee surgeries and very small odds of playing again, most people would have walked away and not taken on the challenge. Nick saw a glimmer of hope and took it upon himself to get me back on the basketball court. I will always be grateful for his constant support and efforts in helping me try to achieve my dream!”

CRAIG HEAP“Seven weeks prior to departure for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games I fractured my hand in two places! Nick played a major role in my rehabilitation”

112536_med_steven_reid“I was lucky to work with Nick Grantham during the 13/14 season at West Bromwich Albion. This was a difficult period in my career due to chronic Achilles and knee problems. During our work not only did my physical performance dramatically improve so did levels of pain and discomfort . I remained virtually ever present for training and availability for games for the majority of the season.  At times it wasn’t easy and I had to go through some pain to eventually see the gains, but that for me is what being an elite sportsman is about, not just success but how you deal with the injuries and the lows. Not only is Nick exceptional in his field he also has a great manner and ability to get the best out of his players! His no nonsense approach is something I admire but be warned, if you want an easy ride and to just do enough, look elsewhere. “

Kanukai Jackson of England celebrates with his gold medal after victory during the Mens Individual All-Round Gymnastics Final“Nick is an exceptional strength and conditioning coach who has helped me return from injury many times and earned himself the nickname Nick ‘the body mechanic’ Grantham!”

Performance Solutions

We’ve had unrivaled access and insight into world class training facilities and support systems. We know what works and have extensive experience creating high performance training environments, and delivering structured support programmes for coaches and support staff.

Peter_elliot“Nick has a great way with the people he works with, whether it’s a professional athlete, private client or colleague – Nick will always make every effort to invest his time in those he works with to help them achieve their goals. He’s a great coach, manager and mentor.”

ian“Having been mentored by Nick Grantham whilst on the UK Sport Fast Track Practitioner programme I can definitely say that working with Nick is a great way to start, develop and enhance a career in high performance sport. I won ‘Intern of the Year’ and progressed to a full time position with the English Institute of Sport.”

Raphael Brandon“Nick is one of the UK’s leading S&C coaches. He has a no nonsense approach, based upon excellent scientific knowledge and a solid philosophy. He is also capable or mentoring and coaching other S&C coaches, which he has recently done successful for one of my team. I would recommend that Nick will improve both athlete’s performances directly, and the performance of other practitioners.”

Lucy-Philipson“Nick is a fantastic motivator and his take on how to be a great coach translates incredibly well into business. I had the pleasure of listening to Nick at a TED event and was inspired and motivated by his enthusiasm and ability to engage the audience with issues that affect us all on a daily basis. It was that talk which led to me asking Nick to speak to my team who could all relate to his examples of how to be a better leader, team player and how to leave a lasting legacy in all that you do. I have used Nicks analogies on numerous occasions to set the bar for my team and my own performance. I cannot praise him enough and would recommend him to anyone looking to liven up and motivate their team or indeed themselves.”