Nick Grantham

Director of ZER0226 Performance

I have one thing in common with every client I work with, shared ambitions

Hello, I’m Nick GranthamI’m a committed, highly-motivated performance enhancement specialist. But we all say that…So, why work with me?

I love a challenge and working with people who have been written off by everyone else; I’m a ‘Fixer’ – I sort the problem

I’m a ‘Specialist Generalist’, with an ability to thrive in a range of settings and make use of a variety of different resources; I can cope with the unpredictability of sport

Through experience and expertise, I profile performances with a fresh set of eyes and combine fundamental training principles with innovative ideas that get the job done – effectively, efficiently and expertly

Over 17 years I have worked with athletes that have competed at four Olympic Games and two Commonwealth Games, as well as help prepare athletes and teams to compete and medal at World and European Championship and Premier League levels

I have worked with 35 sports, including five Paralympic sports, with national governing bodies, professional teams and individuals, including European Tour golfers

I have worked closely with medical support teams and returned athletes with career-threatening injuries back to full fitness and competition

I have also worked with private business and public services, the military and the performing arts

I have the benefit of unrivalled access and insight into world-class training facilities and support systems; as such, I know what works and have extensive experience creating high-performance training environments, and delivering structured support programmes for coaches and support staff

I have developed hundreds of ‘athletic blueprints’ that have delivered game-changing performances for athletes and teams

I make the complex seem simple and the difficult achievable